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Published by: Pease Nnabuike on 04-Jan-22
Easiest Way To Make BIG Money Online As A Complete BEGINNER! (Make Money Online)

It'S one of the easiest ways to make money online. Thanks to this brand new strategy, you've never encountered before you can make money online on full autopilot. Do what you want, or you travel somewhere play, video games at home and watch' a movie or just sleeping. You will be paid regularly, but it will only work if you set it up correctly and since there are many platforms involved, it is a bit of a complex strategy. So I want you to keep watching, so you do not do not get confused and so that you can actually set it up for yourself and start making money online in the process.


For those of you who want to maximize your results, you may just want to check out some software. I have for you at the bottom of the description box below by using it, you can make even more money and in passive income too. So if you are interested make sure you give it a try, it is very worth it and with all that said, let's go into the video now, as I vo orheen said, it's a complex strategy and a lot of things, i would say, will not make sense To you so keep in mind that you probably will not know what it's about until later in the video anyway, the very first platform you will have to move on to this one here. Many of you probably mentioned know what this site is, since I have indeed shown it in many of my previous videos.

This is a place where you can come photos and videos, come download, professional photos and videos. It'S completely free and the best part is that you can use it free of copyright infringing on this site, absolutely fantastic and unique. So it's not without reason that I did not show it many times over, and I show it to you now with that said. What you need to do now on this site is to find a video related to make money online and yes, it does not make sense why you want to do it but follow along, and you will see soon enough. Try now just find a good video, o or online business finance.


It can be related to business in general. Also, try searching for different keywords like these. I personally typed online business as you can see, and I now see all these amazing videos. Your next step is to download a video that you think it's the best, so you do not have to download one video in particular just find one that you feel like the best of all. I opened it myself, one when you open a video yourself to download it.

You just have to click on the download button above and, as you can see, the video will now indeed download to my computer before we go on. It is noteworthy that you can also download the video in a specific resolution. If you would like to by about this arrow, move here and choose what resolution you want. I did not bother extend this video now that you have downloaded a video related to online business. Your next step from here would be to find good money online sites, so rf a place where you can complete surveys play games, watch, videos, watch ads and so on in exchange for money.

Of course, you can just type google best money making online sites and try to find a good one. If you are too lazy to do the research myself, then i have a few sites. I recommend that the first one be called the site i showed in my last video and the second one is called

Both of these sites are really good to make money online, and i will use ira zoo as an example in this tutorial. What you want to do now is to see if a money making online site of your choice has an affiliate program, and it is really important if it does not move. You can check it by browsing to the bottom of the page and if you cannot see affiliate affiliate program or like affiliate program anywhere, then the site you are on most likely does not offer an affiliate program. Ira, zoo, aanen, recording time offers both affiliate programs. So you can use one of the two again if you want.

The next step now is to sign up for the actual affiliate program on ira zoo. What i will have to do is click on refer friends here on the next page. I just need to start clicking and I will now be able to subscribe to a bunch of my information, so I can subscribe when done once you have joined an affiliate program on irazu survey, time or any other site. You will find access your unique affiliate link, as many of you know, when someone clicks on it and sign up on the site, you are promoting, you will earn money, and so now you need people to click on your link. Of course you need traffic and it is now time I show you a traffic source.

You will use in this tutorial, one that does not get thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visits, but actually millions. The site in question is called and whatever that platform is all about read about what you can find out when you come to the site here, people share various photo gifs and videos with each other and at the very least at least one photo or video Shared here will get the main thousands of visits. Reason for this is that imgur is by 230 million people visit on a regular monthly basis, so it's insanely popular means. It'S a perfect source of traffic to use, keep in mind that, like 10,000 people who click on your link and join the site, you are promoting.

Will a lot of money earns? It differs from site to site, but most of the time that would amount to thousands and thousands of dollars made from just 10,000 clicks, which is a small fraction of the total number of people who use imgur and all that money. Would be made in pure passive income as promised? Now you can probably guess what you want to do when you come emjer create an account to create an account. You just have to first click on the login button in the top right corner, which you then have to enter in a unique use.

First name, email and password, then type the same password type into your phone number and click next to enter in a few more pieces of information, so you can sign up on the site and for absolutely free once you sign up. This is how it all now will look and the video you all downloaded from pixels way back in the beginning finally comes into play. What you will do so many of you can guess already share that video on imgur and here is how to do it. First, click on new post right top here on the next page. All you will have to do is click on select photo video here, and you will now want to have that video opened for you from pixels when it is finished, will be able to choose whether you want to keep the audio of the video, and it is Really up to you, I personally chose to remove the audio anyway next step from there stay the same enter a good title that will grab people's attention, so you can make money.

Online is my title: as you can see best website to gel online for free d earn, depending on which site you are promoting as an affiliate. You can change it accordingly. If you can make money from the site by watching videos, you have to type it. Rather, the only important bit is that you enter the keyword for free, as it is very people's attention, and you will get more clicks on your video. What you want to do now, once you have added your title, is to add a description, and it is in the description where you will find the affiliate link of the add website.

You next page promote link enter something to get people. Click on it, like click here to log, in immediately or whatever done with your affiliate link added in the description of this video, you can now make money on inter, and the latest step from here would be to just add labels and when you do just click On community here, so this post goes directly to imgur and thousands upon thousands of people can see it and you are almost sure to click, get on your affiliate link and, more importantly, you make money and passive income from here do no work at all. If you have value from this video and enjoy it then support my channel and give it a hint below, and you may want to watch the videos on your screen at the moment. You might get value from them too, as I upload videos on a regular basis and more are already on the way sign in and tick the bell icon. So you are notified when a new video appears, like always thanks for watching and see you all soon.

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