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Published by: Pease Nnabuike on 03-Dec-21
How To Make Money Online With JUST Your Phone (no computer required!)

 I'm gonna teach you how to get two things with just your phone, no laptop or computer required. So the very first thing I'm gonna teach you how to get is my eternal gratitude by taking a moment to just tap that Like button on your phone for this video, because seriously, every time you do it, it genuinely supports me. So thank you so much for those of you that take a moment to do so. All right, so that's the first thing I'm gonna teach you out of the way.

The second thing I'm gonna teach you is how you can earn money online with just a smartphone, no laptop or computer required. Yep. Because you see, while I have covered a lot of different moneymaking methods on this channel, I've understandably been receiving a lot of comments lately from people that don't have access to a computer or a laptop, and they just want to know which of these methods can be done with a smartphone.


And so what I've done as I've gone through all the ones that I've compiled on this channel and found my 10 favorite methods that you can do with just a phone, which is cool, because it also means then that you're able to do these methods on the go, like when you're sitting on a train or on a bus or on a plane, or even if you're one of those people that likes to do something while watching Netflix and instead of playing silly phone games, why not earn some extra cash? Although, as you'll see, playing silly phone games can be a cool way to earn some extra money on the side on the condition that you do it right.



And so that this video doesn't get stupidly long, instead of doing a big tutorial for each of the methods, I'm instead gonna focus on showing you how the methods work and what apps you need to be able to do them. My goal for this video is to help you identify which mobile-friendly way to make money online suits you the best, so that after watching this video, you can then go and search for other videos on YouTube that have tutorials specific to the methods that you like the best. And as you'll see, I've really tried to choose a big range of methods to suit all sorts of people with different goals.


So for some of the methods, they're perfect for people looking to complete small mini tasks on their phone in exchange for extra side cash, whereas for other methods on this list, they can earn you more serious money, as in hundreds to thousands of dollars a month. But those methods will require more work and more creativity, and so hopefully, there should be something for everyone on this list, regardless of your goals, and I've also made sure to not just choose methods that work in the USA.

Nope, as you'll also see, many of these methods work in over 200 plus countries worldwide as well.


So then, so onto the first one on this list. Drum roll, please. (drum rolls) The first method that you can use to earn money online with just a phone, no computer required, is being a user tester. Yes, you can be paid to test apps and websites all from your phone, thanks this app here, Userlytics.

Userlytics works with big companies like Google and Microsoft that need to test their websites and apps to see if they're easy to use. And so through Userlytics, they're able to hire normal people like you or I to do these tests for them, and they pay $5 to up to $90 per test. So for example, I did a test with Userlytics. They asked me to locate the opening hours for a museum by finding them on their website, and I was supposed to also provide feedback on whether I found the information easy to locate or not and describe how many steps it took me to find what I was looking for.


So if I'd been asked to test this museum website, I'd have said that it took me five steps to find it and that I wasn't immediately sure how to navigate to the FAQ page, so it was honestly a little confusing.

That way, the website developers could streamline the process to reaching the FAQ page in the future. Doing the test was actually kind of interesting, and lots of people agreed and said that they've had fun doing the tests. As the reviewers on both the Apple and Google app stores noted, you could only complete tasks that you're eligible for, but if you check in each day and do eligible tasks when you can, it's a fun way to earn extra cash from your phone.


And if you enjoy doing simple tasks like that in exchange for extra cash, you might also enjoy being a microtasker. So this is one microtasker app, Toloka.

Just like Userlytics, this app works with other companies that need users like you or I to complete small microtasks for them, such as these. So, for example, you might be tasked with gathering data like locating store opening hours of different organizations and updating them in the app and earn $2.50 for it. Toloka is more than happy to pay you to collect this data on these organizations because they are then able to sell that data onto those organizations' competitors, so it's a win-win for everybody involved.


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Now, obviously, this is not gonna make you rich overnight.

So I'd more recommend this for people who don't mind checking in each day and choosing the fast, easy tasks that they can do while doing something else, like commuting to work or to school. And what's also nice is Toloka works in tons of countries worldwide, including countries in Africa, which is honestly pretty rare. I know I have a lot of viewers who live in countries where it's difficult to find opportunities, and so I wanted to make sure that I definitely included this method on this list, especially for those people. And if you're interested in methods that work in many countries worldwide, you'll be very interested in the next one on my list. And what's really cool about this money-making method is that subscribers to this channel have been using it to earn hundreds of dollars each month.

Woo-hoo. Congratulations, everybody. So obviously, I'm talking about the Redbubble print-on-demand method.


If you know the right app to use, you can do this using just your phone. So this here is Redbubble.

Redbubble is a big, quirky merchandise marketplace that gets tens of millions of visits from customers each month and sells over $400 million worth of merch each year. So the way that Redbubble works is simple. You see all these funny T-shirts that you can buy from the website here? Well, these T-shirt designs were not created by Redbubble. Instead, they were created by users like you or I.

And whenever someone buys one of them, the person that uploaded the T-shirt design gets paid. And so what happens then is each time someone comes and, says, buys this T-shirt, Redbubble collects the money the customer paid and goes, yep, let's make that T-shirt.


They then print the design the Redbubble user uploaded onto a T-shirt, and the T-shirt printing factory package the T-shirt up and then ship it out to the customer. They then remove the production fees and pay out the rest of the profit to you as a commission. And they pay out to either a bank account or a PayPal account, which is available in 200 plus countries worldwide.

Because it's such a flexible way to earn money online, lots of my subscribers have tried this and had success. Congratulations, guys, on taking action and giving it a go.


It's awesome to see your results. In the industry, we call Redbubble a print-on-demand company, because that's literally what they are doing. They are printing merchandise on demand as customers order it.

And something else that's really cool is that you don't have to be an artist to make money on Redbubble with print-on-demand. Now, I mean, don't get me wrong. If you are an artist, then by all means, that is fantastic, and yes, you should upload your art on here and sell it onto merch, but even if you aren't an artist, it is okay.


You can still do this, too. So for example, I've gone and filtered the results to show the top-selling T-shirt designs on Redbubble right now, and as you can see, while some of them do indeed feature very cool artwork, not all of them do.

In fact, some of the top selling T-shirts on Redbubble are winning combination of trendy fonts with funny slogans and jokes. And you know what? Making these T-shirt slogan designs and then uploading them to Redbubble is super easy to do with just your phone, and to prove that to you, I'm gonna take this top-selling T-shirt on Redbubble here, which features a trendy typewriter font and a funny joke and show you how to create designs like this using my favorite mobile friendly-graphic design app, Canva. As my long-time subscribers will know, Canva is one of my favorite apps that I personally use to design T-shirts that I sell online, also with print-on-demand. I usually show my tutorial videos on this channel, how to use Canva on a computer, but that doesn't mean that you have to just use it on a computer.



The mobile app is fully featured, and it has pretty much the same features on it that the computer version has, so you can use it to design T-shirts with your phone. Canva has a free version and a Pro version, which is a paid version. The Pro version definitely has extra features, like the ability to save a design with a transparent background, so I highly recommend the Pro version. Luckily, though, Canva also has a free 30-day trial for their Pro version, and so if your startup budget is low and you want to keep costs as low as possible, you can take advantage of the trial and hustle hard and use those 30 days to create as many T-shirt designs as possible for free. I'll have a link to how to get a free Canva Pro trial in the video description below.

But yes, once you've gone ahead and made a slogan design and saved it onto your phone, you then just upload it to Redbubble's website.


Redbubble do have a mobile app, but unfortunately, you can't currently upload designs to sell onto it, so you will need to use their website. Not all of the pages on the website are well optimized for mobile, but just because it's not well-optimized doesn't mean you can't use it on your phone. Just be aware that sometimes the text will be small is all. And creating a Redbubble account is free.



As long as you live in a country where you can register for PayPal, you're currently allowed to create an account on Redbubble, which means then that people from over 200 plus countries worldwide can sell on here, which is super cool. So once you've created your free account and uploaded the slogan that you created with Canva, you then just give your slogan a title, tag it with relevant keywords, give it a short description, and pick which of Redbubble's products that they sell that you think your slogan will look best on. You can turn the products you like on, and you can turn the products that you don't like it on off, and you can edit each product and move your slogan around and get it looking the way that you like it.


And once you've done that, you then just save your product, and within minutes, it will be live on Redbubble, and the millions of customers Redbubble has can come, find your T-shirt, and buy it. And so just like that, I've gone ahead and created my own version of this top-selling T-shirt using just my phone.

And so, as you can see, if you'd been the one that came up with a slogan idea, you could have created that with just your phone and uploaded it to Redbubble and started making money online with print-on-demand. And if you'd like to learn how me and others are making money every single day with print-on-demand, you should be sure to download my free ebook, "The 6 Steps That 6-Figure Online Stores Follow to Make Over $10,000 a Month," and you'll find a link to download my free ebook in the video description below. But anyway, back to the video, and onto the next money-making method that you can do with just a phone. And that is being a mystery shopper.


If you you've never heard of mystery shopping, it's when you go into stores and collect data on them.

So for example, while doing grocery shopping, you might note down the prices of items in the store, or you might do a survey on whether you like the store's floor promotion, or you might take a photo of a window display so that the store's competitors can see what they are up to. I have lots of friends that made extra money doing mystery shopping while they were at college. It was a really fun side gig.


There are lots of apps available in different countries. This one here, Field Agent, is great if you live in the USA.

Field Agent usually pay $3 to $20 for each job. Lots of people are using Field Agent to earn extra income each month. Nice. But as I said, there are lots of apps available in different countries, so for example, SmartSpotter is another great app, which is available for people to earn money in Australia and Europe as well. And speaking of mysteries, if, like me, you are into true crime and you enjoy solving mysteries, you might find this next method to make money fun, and that is be an eJuror.

If you've never heard of eJury gigs before, what it is is lawyers hiring people to read over the case and evidence they have prepared before it goes to trial. The last few questions, such as whether you think their client is guilty or not guilty. That way, they can get a rough idea of whether they're gonna win their case or not, and if they don't think they're gonna win it based upon your feedback, they can then go back and rework the case to make it stronger.


And yes, this is indeed something that you can do with just a phone. Now, I don't think that there are any apps for it specifically, but you can register on this mobile-friendly website, eJuror.

If accepted for a case, you'll be asked to read over a case like this example one here and answer questions. The cases are on mobile-friendly pages, and you can fill out surveys and questions that they ask you with your phone as well. They pay out $5 or $10 per case that you complete, so if you're commuting on a train, then it's something that you can read over and finish on your way to work while you're listening to some cool music. The thing about this method, though, is that it's currently USA only, and so if you aren't in the USA, you might prefer my next money-making method, which is available in many countries worldwide, and that is playing mobile games.


Yes, remember at the start of the video that I said that you can get paid to play games if you do it right?

Well, you can get paid if you download apps like this one here. New mobile game developers want people to download their games to boost their search engine ranking so they'll pay you to download their new games and play them. You get paid out in app points, which you can then exchange for prizes, including cash with PayPal. I checked out the reviews, and there are lots of people who do enjoy mobile games that have indeed been using this to earn some extra money on the side, while trying out different games worldwide. Since it's not exactly a way to get rich, the happiest people, admittedly, were those that already enjoy playing these types of games, and so now they get paid to play them, try out new ones, and earn money, too, so it's cool for them.



And something else that's also available in lots of countries is barcode scanning. Different countries have their own grocery scanning apps, so be sure to check out which ones are available for where you live. Ibotta is a popular one in America, and it's an example of an app that lets you do this. On average, Ibotta app users make $150 a year using it. The way it works is pretty simple.

While you're out shopping at, say, the grocery store, get them to print your receipt and get a physical copy of it and then scan it into this app here. Ibotta collects the prices that you paid and sells that data onto that store's competitors and pays you in their in-app currency, which you can then cash out to real money using PayPal. Woo-hoo! And another way to earn extra cash on the side with a phone is completing surveys. Yes, there are multiple legit survey apps out there that will pay you to answer simple questions, like how much money you spend on groceries each month.



Companies pay these apps to collect this data as part of their market research. Poll Pay here is a popular one, with many people successfully cashing out while answering simple questions in their spare time. The most common complaint was that there were usually only a limited number of surveys available to answer per day. And so if you're interested in doing this for extra side money, then I recommend registering for multiple well-reviewed survey apps like CitizenMe and Swagbucks and AttaPoll. And so then, while you're watching Netflix, you can just finish one app's surveys for the day and then open up the next one and complete their surveys and so on.

And you know what you could invest your extra cash into that you're earning from these apps? Clothing from thrift stores. Yes, if you enjoy clothes shopping and like hunting down bargains in thrift stores, this next method might be for you, and the app you need to do this is Poshmark.


This cool app here lets you list clothing for sale, and then when a customer buys it, Poshmark will send you a prepaid shipping label so that you can send it out to the customer. They also handle payment processing for you.

They collect the money the customer paid, remove their fees, and they pay you the rest of the profit as a commission. Lots of people are running a nice side hustle earning money from Poshmark, so if you enjoy buying and selling clothing, this is a great way to earn money from just your phone. But if you aren't interested in clothes, but you want another method that can let you earn hundreds to thousands of dollars a week from just your phone, then you might be interested in our next method, and that is reposting pictures and videos on Instagram. Yes, Instagram is basically a phone app and not a computer app, so this method is perfect for those of you out there that only have access to phones and don't have a computer. So check got this Instagram account.

They grew it from scratch for free by reposting cute and funny pictures and videos of animals and dogs.


By doing it, they've built up a following of people who found their page naturally through hashtags. Anyone could have easily created an account like this and started reposting cute and funny videos and pictures about a niche topic like animals. And yes, once you build up an account like this, it makes money. But how does it do that?

Well, it is through the help of this next website, Shoutcart. Here, you can list your niche Instagram account that you built from scratch by reposting cute and funny pictures and videos and sell shout-out for brands, all from your phone. So that Instagram account has created a listing on here. They sell a 24-hour shout-out on their page for 30 US dollars. Well, if we go back, we will see that this e-commerce store selling duffel bags has purchased a 24-hour shout-out.

Usually this page is posting a shout-out each day, but you know what? That's not the only type of shout-out that this e-commerce store has purchased.


Nope, something else this Instagram account sells is Instagram Story posts. They are charging $25 for a story post that has a link included. Well, if we head on back, we will see that this store has also purchased a story post with a link included.

Now, again, usually, this Instagram account will sell at least one of these a day. And so if you do the maths, so they're able to sell one of these a day, that is $30 plus $25, which is $55 a day, and that times seven is an extra $385 a week.


Pretty cool for a phone-friendly hustle that lets you make money from essentially reposting cute and funny dog videos while you ride the bus to work each day. So then, did you learn something new about ways that you can make money online with just a phone? If you did, please hit Subscribe, and click that little notification bell so you don't miss any of my videos, and you'd like to learn more ways to make money online and other apps that you can use, you should be sure to watch my video, 100 Websites and Apps That You Can Use to Make Money Online for Free.


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